COVID-19 Required Safety Measures: 

  • Face mask required at all times when in our salon
  • Hands must be washed prior to appointment start
  • Exercise social distancing with the exception of services
  • No extra guests or children allowed (unless being serviced)
  • No food or beverage in the salon
  • Limited phone use during service, please bring earbuds if you have them. If you have any questions about the safety policy please do let us know.

Cancellation Policy:  Please cancel or reschedule 2 hours prior to the start of your appointment time. Cancellations within 2 hrs of the start of your appointment will be charged a $25 fee.

All “No shows” will be charged their full service fee to the credit card on file.

*10 min grace period if you are running late for your appointment. Arrival past this grace period may result in an appointment adjustment or reschedule (no same day guarantee). 

You can reach us at (310) 848-9760 if you have any questions regarding Nail Club LA. Thank you.


**Gift Cards over $100 must be purchased by phone at (310) 848-9760 to be valid in store**

Ask manager for additional INFO.

To guarantee maximum relaxation and a stress-free experience, we urge all our guests to cut the social connections for a while and enjoy spiritual relaxation. We encourage everyone to refrain from indulging in phone calls as it can ruin the experience for others as well.

To make sure your appointment is started right on, we recommend our guests arrive at least 10 minutes earlier to complete the paperwork. In case of late arrival, the scheduled time can be cut-short depending on the arrival of the next esteemed guest.

Time is the critical essence to have a completely relaxing experience. Arriving late will cost you lesser time in the spa can limit the efficiency of a relaxing journey. This policy is simply to accommodate the next guest and you will be charged for the whole treatment. So, you need to be punctual as it is your relaxation time and full pleasure can only be achieved via full treatment.

Our cancellation policy requires 24 hours notice if you want to cancel or reschedule. For guests coming in groups, prepayment is necessary. Failing to inform before 24 hours or not showing up will results in zero reimbursement and complete payment will be charged.

Absolutely yes. Gift certificates are available and can be acquired over the phone or can be purchased at the nearest nail shop. Cash refunds are prohibited on gift certificates. However, you can easily transfer and credit any of the gift certificates towards all the Nail Club LA spa services and gel manicures vs. acrylic manicures.

Prices can be changed without any prior notice. So, please inquire about the price for the treatment from any nearby nail shop as it might take some time to update the prices on menus and website. Once the price is confirmed, you can freely reserve the appointment and enjoy the best spa experience.

We don’t restrict our guests to follow a special dress code. We take pride to ensure maximum comfort to our guests. To have the best and relaxing experience, we recommend loose-fitting clothes so you are comfortable during the time of treatment. If you are wearing any jewelry, we recommend leaving it at home as we will ask you to remove it before the treatment. Other than that, you are free to wear anything you want.

You don’t need to worry about a thing. Our staff is experienced and can guide you through the procedure so you are familiar with what is about to happen. You can visit the nail salon in Los Angeles and get all the information you need.

Your therapist must know any medical or health conditions for proper treatment. So, you have any muscular injury, difficulty in breathing, diabetes, fever, skin diseases, or you are pregnant, please inform the therapist right away. With prior knowledge, the therapist will focus on giving you the maximum pleasure and soothing experience.

At Nail Club LA, we have customized packages and treatments depending on the choices of every guest. Any service can be customized as per your liking. So, if you want to make any changes, please let the therapist know. If anything is disturbing your relaxing time, raise your concerns immediately. Open communication can lead to the best spa time and an honest bond can help you heal spiritually and recover faster.

The scheduled appointment is meant for you and during that, if anything is disturbing you, raise your concerns. If the room temperature is not as per your liking or massage pressure is high or you are not vibing with the music, let the therapist know to make the adjustments.

Yes, you can. Our staff will inquire from you before the treatment to use the restroom. If you want to use the restroom mid-appointment, feel free to ask as there are no restrictions.

Before a massage, we recommend a light meal and avoid the use of alcohol. You can eat and drink anything you want as long as you are not getting any skincare treatment or nail care sessions.

The choice is completely up to you. If you want to get completely undressed or want to use a bathing suit, there is no restriction from Nail Club LA. Our guests choose which they are most comfortable. The therapist will leave the room so you can change or undress comfortably and enjoy a relaxing session. Our professionals use the draping technique so only the massaging area is exposed to the therapist during the session. For facials, the wrap is provided under the sheet to cover your body and only the neck and arms are exposed for the treatment.

Microdermabrasion is an advanced technique that uses a steady stream of crystals to exfoliate the skin. This treatment removes epidermal layers in a controlled and structured manner, making your skin soft, fresh, and revitalized.

Microdermabrasion is a completely harmless procedure. We use fine crystals that guarantees only soothing and relaxing session.

Microdermabrasion can be used to treat fine lines, facial skin conditions, cramped skin, minor pigmentary issues, and more. It can also be used as part of an anti-aging treatment regimen. During your appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss treatment options that are tailored to your specific needs.

Microdermabrasion is beneficial for skin issues like:
– Helps in taking care of wrinkles and aging lines
– No more rough skin
– Scar marks can be minimized
– Swollen pores can be refined
– Helps in reducing age spots
– No more irregular skin tone
– External scars will fade away slowly
– Take care of blackheads
– Clogged pores can result in dull skin, Microdermabrasion helps in dealing with clogged pores.

There are numerous services that you can still enjoy even if you are pregnant. Just browse through the nail salon menu in the nearest nail salon LA and get the treatment from the professionals. If you are confused, just notify your therapist and assistance will be provided.

If you are looking pedicure, we recommend wearing flip flops that never touch your toenails.

Following a manicure or pedicure, your nails can take several hours to dry. To maintain the dignity of your nail care, it’s best to wait as long as possible before wearing padlocked shoes after your procedure. Shellac Polish does not need any drying process.

The success of Vinylux nail polish depends on two factors, their weekly nail polish, and topcoat that work together to give awesome results.

VinyLux Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat are part of a system and are uniquely designed to work together. Patents are pending. With time and exposure to natural light, Prolight technology produces a powerful network of cross-linked polymer bonds that increase chip resistance and durability.

CND Shellac Power Polish is a groundbreaking, patent-pending innovation that blends the convenience of polish with the durability of gels. There are no other goods on the market that can match their claims. Wear for 14+ days. Shine in the mirror. There is no time for drying. There is no damage to the nails. Yes, this is true! There are no drills or nail surface filing needed, so your nails will not be damaged.

Yes, each of our technicians has acquired their certification. Shellac is used by some salons, but they aren’t qualified to do so. This award guarantees that the service is of the highest quality.

Click here https://www.vagaro.com/nailclubla/. Keeping in view the busy schedule of everyone, we made the booking procedure completely simple and effortless. The instructions are straightforward to follow. All you got to do is choose the date, time, and service. Let’s style your nails and make you a star at every party.

Our cancellation policy works in favor of both guests and the company. If you want to cancel any of the services, kindly inform the club 48 hours before the appointment. For the group parties or private gatherings, payment can only be refunded if informed 72 hours before. To make your stay pleasant and happening we need to plan, so hopefully, you can understand our cancellation policy. In case of no-show, pre-payment will be required in case of next appointment,

Browse our online nail albums  https://nailclub.la/media/ – or our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nailclub.la/, and our GOOGLE MAP PAGE https://g.page/nailclubla?share. With all the pictures, if you are still confused, our experts will guide you through the procedure and how will your nails look after the treatment. Just search for nail shops near me open and get yourself a nice and comfy manicure and gel x.

Yes, you can host any party, bridal showers, or surprise parties at Nail Club LA.

Prices are subject to change and to know about the exact prices, we recommend visiting our website as all the information is there. Cash and credit cards are accepted at our salon

Regular manicure and pedicure can take up to an hour. If you are going with a gel manicure and pedicure, you need to spare at least 2 hours. If you want gel nail removal, additional 30 minutes are required. For any additional services, a minimum of one hour is required. Browse the internet for the nail bar near me and consult with the technician to have an idea regarding the time.

Arriving late will result in fewer nail sessions and shortened experience. If the guest is late for more than 15 minutes, the next guest will be entertained and an appointment will be canceled.

If you already have a gel manicure and want to revamp the style, make sure to book an appointment for gel removal first. This will allow the staff of the polish nail bar to spare ample time and take care of needs seamlessly and easily.

At the moment, we are only dealing with gel nail removal. Acrylic nail removal service is currently unavailable.

Due to the restriction imposed by the health department, we sadly cannot allow pets in the salon. We know how much you love your pets but we are restricted by policies. Thank you for understanding.

At Nail Club LA, almost everybody part is included in the treatment like neck, back, hands, feet, arms, legs, and gluteal muscles. If you want to skip any of the areas that you are comfortable with, simply ask the therapist to move on. If you want to massage any area for a longer time just notify the therapist and your priorities will be considered first. The session is solely for you and you are in the driving seat to steer the session and achieve maximum comfort.

Swedish massage is a luxurious massage technique that improves muscle tone, circulation, and joint flexibility by using long fluid strokes with varying pressure to melt the muscles and the mind. This is a less painful massage than a Deep Tissue Massage. Our Deep Tissue Massage is a combination of Swedish and structural massage that relieves aches and pains in the deepest parts of the muscles. This is ideal for untying knots and releasing persistent pain and soreness.

It is the optimal time to get the message so your sore muscles get the dedicated treatment and can heal faster.

Natural forces in the river or sea have smoothed the stones, which are generally basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and holds heat well. The therapist begins by warming up your body with traditional Swedish massage before massaging you while holding a heated stone. The therapist replaces the stone with another as it cools. The therapist employs a variety of stones of different sizes and shapes, placing larger stones on larger muscles and smaller stones on smaller muscles.

If the stones become too warm or the pressure becomes too high, speak up. If you don’t like how it feels, you can skip the stone therapy.

Waxing and sugaring are two methods for removing hair follicles by removing the surrounding tissue from the root. Wax is applied to the skin hot and in the direction of hair growth, then removed with a strip in the opposite direction. Wax is ideal for use on large, non-sensitive body parts such as the legs, arms, and back.

Sugar is a liquid substance that is derived from honey, lemon, and water. It’s warm and has a taffy-like consistency. The therapist will apply the sugar to the part of the body by spreading it in the opposite direction of hair growth and then erasing it in the opposite direction of hair growth, resulting in less hair loss. Although sugar is effective in all areas, it is especially effective on smaller, more sensitive body parts because it does not stick to skin cells. The common areas for sugar to be used are on the bikini, Brazilians, lips, and underarms. Sugar can be easily removed with a wet towel, leaving the skin smooth and silky. Sugar is never recycled.

White cotton undergarments are highly recommended after the treatment.

Hair should be between 1/4′ and 1/2′ in length for best results and a more pleasant experience. If your hair is longer, please trim it to 1/4′ before your appointment. We will not wax or sugar guests with sunburns and using Retin A.Guests using Accutane (currently or within the last 6 months), will not be entertained as well so please inform the therapist regarding your medication beforehand. We recommend avoiding sun exposure and excessive sweating after hair removal to reduce the risk of bacterial infection. We also advise against shaving in between waxing or sugaring treatments.

Mirabella was chosen because their formulas were designed to meet the needs of women of all ages. Their oil-free formula controls excess sebum while also containing Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. Pure Mirabella is mineral-based and infused with natural essential vitamins. Mirabella, unlike other purportedly pure cosmetics, does not contain harmful ingredients such as talc, perfumes, or synthetics. Mirabella always focuses on providing the best organic products.

Glowing and sparkling skin is guaranteed. However, your skin might be red right after the treatment due to facials and extractions.

Yes, facials are recommended before an event or party for more glowing and beautiful skin. This facial will not focus on extractions, so please inform your therapist.

If you are on any kind of medication that can increase skin exfoliation or can affect the skin in any way, do let your therapist know immediately. Our services are not available for pregnant women or guests using medicines line Accutane, Avage, or Retin A. Explaining your medical history before the session is extremely important as people having laser treatments or plastic surgery are not eligible for peels and hair removal services.

We researched a lot to choose a line that is beneficial for all our clients and we found Bioline. A family-owned Italian business providing top-of-the-line skincare products. With the approval from FDA, Bioline products are completely safe to use. We are among the salons in America that opted for the European skincare line.

Yes, all our skincare products including Bioline are available for our customers.

The Gel System is revolutionary and offers outstanding wear without filing the natural nail for three weeks! CND Shellac’s power partner is Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel. The surface of the natural clay is smooth, and thinly, flexibly, and lightweight protected. It extends to 3 flawless weeks with the wear of CND Shellac. Removable Smoothing Gel can also be worn alone for ultimate natural handling in 10 minutes with wraps.

Eyelash extensions consist of semi-permanent eyelids that are made up of individual eyelids curved to imitate a natural eyelid. At the base and taper to a fine point, our lace is thicker. The latches are applied to each wink, one extension at a time, to extend and complete the existing latches in a natural, elegant look. Extensions for eyelashes are only for professional use.

Extensions of Eyelash look and feel real. Every application is individually tailored. We offer 3 lace thicknesses and 4 curls and lengths. Extensions of Eyelash come in various colors, but most people prefer black. Different synthetic clog lengths are chosen to replicate your natural clog shape and structure attentively. The thickness of eye extensions depends on the health, thickness, and personal preference of your natural cloves. Curl, thickness, and length are added to the total effect.

As the replica of an eyelash, it weighs almost as much as a natural lash. You won’t notice the extensions to your natural lashes and, most importantly, it won’t make your natural pinch fade before your natural cycle as compared to other methods

Eyelash extensions are chosen by the majority of women to prolong their natural lashes while others want their lashes to look more full. Women with natural light-colored lashes choose to darken their already existing ones. Some people love the different and fun looks with emphasis and layering that can be achieved. A brighter, more open, and relaxed look; the Eyelash extensions create a younger, more revamped appearance.

The appearance can be kept with recharge indefinitely. Each lash will stay in place until the natural clock rests, with a normal 60-90-day clock cycle. If a natural lash completes the cycle and falls, a new lash would already grow and replaces it without us realizing the turnover. This procedure is constant and our lashes are at different maturity stages at any given moment. It’s almost unnoticed when one to five lashes are thrown every day. Eyelash extensions should be refilled every 2 to 4 weeks to keep up with your natural cycle and maintain your beautiful lash.

A complete set of Eyelash extensions usually takes 120-150 minutes. It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes for touch-ups.

Mascara is ideally not required with lash extensions. If a party or any event is approaching, then you can use mascara. However, it should be the water-soluble and constant use of mascara that can shorten the life of lashes. So, regular use is discouraged.

The Halo extenders have the best quality Remy hair 70-120 grams to make your natural hair even more succulent. No damaging clips or glue are available and can be removed and replaced as often as you want. A thick, rich body can be added to the hair so easily.

Remy’s hair is currently the highest quality human hair on the market. Remy’s hair is the human hair that retains the layer of cuticle, the outside most of the hair, flowing in the same way as the hair naturally does. Remy hair’s main advantage is the sensitive maintaining process. It is soft, silky, smooth, bright, durable, and tangle-free.

Halo Extensions won’t hurt your hair. Weaving, clips, and glue are not available. Halo Extensions can be easily attached with a cable that fits your head quickly

You or your stylist can use any appliance to style the Halo that you would freely use on your natural hair. Just make sure you are not getting over-aggressive due to their artificial nature. Treat them like your natural hair and you will shine in every event.

You or your stylist can use any appliance to style the Halo that you would freely use on your natural hair. Just make sure you are not getting over-aggressive due to their artificial nature. Treat them like your natural hair and you will shine in every event.

Hotheads Hair Extensions are made from natural human hair that can be applied with no tools or heat. They are made to blend in with your hair and be undetectable. They are made of 100 percent Remy hair and can be reapplied up to three times while still looking and feeling great. Each application will provide clients with 8 to 10 weeks of wear.

Yes.  Just like Remy’s hair, hothead hair extensions can be dyed and styled like natural hairs.

Nail Club LA is one of the finest franchises offering hair services, hair care products, nail services of all types and ensuring a 100% pleasant experience for the clients. Our approach to business and putting customer’s needs first is our pride. Constant innovation and coming with new organic products become the signature symbol of Nail Club LA and there is no stopping to innovating new products.

Brazillian Blowout got their fame by significantly improving the hair appearance and bringing out the instant shine that you are looking for.

1. After the first application, it eliminates up to 99 percent of curl and frizz.

2. Makes hair instantly smooth and soft, with a luminous shine.

3. Keeps hair looking clean without causing dryness or significant damage.

4. Offers long-lasting results for up to 60 shampoos, including highlighted and grey hair.

5. Allows for the application of shampoo and color immediately following the smoothing service.

Brazilian Blowout works for both colored and no-colored hair. However, the formulation varies for different types of hairs.

You can bring your drinks and snacks to your spa club. Some of the recommendations include finger foods such as fruit, cheese, and desserts. Glasses and plates are available at the spa. If you like your drinks cold, you can bring ice.

 We offer the option to rent out the entire spa to make sure your party is fully private and that no guest other than your party receives spa services. You can customize the package and include facilities to have a blast at your party. Also, you can choose your music, offer a larger variety of refreshments and control the level of noise.


Yes, before arriving at the spa, we strongly suggest you make an appointment. To make an appointment beforehand means that we can prepare for your therapy and offer you our excellent care. It saves time as well so that you don’t have to expect your turn in the lobby.

Perhaps you can’t keep your appointment sometimes. In such cases, we ask you to inform us of your inability to attend at least 24 hours in advance. This helps us to give another customer your time. To let us know your absence, you can call us or send an email.

Yes, many people today want their nail tool kit to the salon because they fear that the tools used in the Salon will infect them. But we ask you to ensure that your toolkit is well sterilized and cleaned after the procedure. This will work both in the favor of you and your attending therapist.

Using your phone to avoid boredom during nail salon procedures may appear to be an intriguing idea. However, it frequently diverts your attention away from the procedure, resulting in sometimes undesirable results. So, it is safer to focus on the procedure rather than your phone.

We understand that salon procedures can be time-consuming, making them a tedious experience for our clients. While we do not strictly prohibit outside food and beverages, we prefer that you do not bring food and beverages. However, if you do, please keep the surroundings clean for the sake of the other customers.


Healthy nails are stunning. However, keeping it healthy requires some effort on your part. A pedicure every three weeks is recommended. Dirt builds up in your toes faster than you think. Bacteria and fungi proliferate rapidly, causing disease. So, at least once a month, get a pedicure. It will be extremely beneficial to your feet!

Ingrown toes are a painful foot condition that affects the toes. If you have ingrown toenails, you should avoid getting a pedicure because of the infection risk. However, prevention is preferable to cure. You can prevent ingrown toenails to a large extent by getting a pedicure now and then. Nail technicians are experts in understanding foot problems and will advise you on what to do and what not to do to avoid ingrown nails.

Most women neglect pedicures and waxing during the winter because of the cold temperatures and they don’t like exposing their bare feet and legs to harsh temperatures. However, regular pedicures, even in the winter, are essential for your toes, as pedicures are not just for beauty. After being wrapped all winter, your feet can relax and unwind with a pedicure.

We strongly advise against waxing your legs before your pedicure appointment. Although, it may be polite to wax your legs before a pedicure appointment you are exposing yourself to infection at the same time.  Waxing opens up pores in your skin, allowing bacteria and fungus removed during a pedicure to enter your body. As a result, we recommend that you refrain from waxing your legs for at least two days before your pedicure.

Yes, pedicures are safe for your wellbeing until you get an infection by using unsterile tools, which can harm both mother and child. Aside from that, there is little to no evidence that the nail salon’s chemicals and fumes will harm your baby.

Wounds heal very slowly in a diabetic patient. Due to that,  the probability of contamination increases significantly. Since a pedicure will cause toe wounds, having one if you have diabetes does not seem like a smart idea, particularly if your pedicure area is not suited to your medical condition. So,  it is best to choose and visit diabetic-friendly nearby nail salons with excellent grooming policies.


Artificial nails are becoming increasingly common due to the variety of designs and colors available. If you have a quirky sense of style and like vivid colors and high contrasts, artificial nails are for you. If you want to be more adventurous with your nails, you can use artificial nails and get the artist’s nails.

Your preference for a manicure is heavily influenced by your personality. Manicure is not just to maintain the hygiene of your nails but it can bring out the artistic nature in you.  Nail art tastes vary from person to person. You should have a French Manicure if you like quick and elegant nail designs. American Manicure is perfect for women who prefer lighter colors. There are several styles of manicures, and the list is endless. Before deciding on a manicure, consult with your nail technician or look at photos of different nail styles.

We strongly condemn the idea of pushing your cuticles back or even cutting them. Cuticles provide essential protection to your nails and nail beds.

In a mirror manicure, a black coating is applied to your nails and then the coating is dried. After a few coating, mirror powder goes in and nails are sealed to maintain perfect shape. Then you can choose your favorite gel coating and bring out the vivid colors that you always liked. Glossy nails will be guaranteed after a mirror manicure. Some of the best nail salons in LA are providing mirror manicure services.

A reverse French manicure, as the words sound, is the opposite of a French manicure. You’ll have a pale shade on your nails’ moon followed by dark shades on your nails’ other areas. The shades employed in reverse French manicure also depend on the season; dark winter shades and bright summer shades. Nail salon Westside and nail salon Santa Montana are offering their services with great expertise.

In the past decade, silk wrap nails were a thing. Fake nails were very common then but now the technique is considered old and outdated. The main reason for discouraging this technique is that it can leave your nails vulnerable to pores and fungus which can lead to infection.

In protecting your nails, your cuticles are very important. It’s only natural protection of your nails and nail beds; therefore, you should look after it too. Special oil is available for your cuticle so you can nourish and massage them. Never cut or push your cuticles as you don’t want to damage the only natural defense of your nails. Tea tree oil is also a great oil for your cuticles to massage.

The French manicure is famous for its contrasting magic by using pink or pale pink for the nails and white shade for the tips. It is opposite to American manicure so choice is always up to the clients. Nail Salons Beverly Hills offers both manicures with pictures and technicians explaining everything.

Scraping off your nail polish is not recommended because you don’t want to end up with damaged nails. It is always best to remove nail polish with a nail polish remover. If you have a gel manicure, do not scrape it off, especially with sharp tools, as this will severely damage your nails.


The composition of gel nail polish and regular nail polish is fundamentally different. Regular nail polishes are similar to paint and they dry quickly. On the other hand, gel nails take longer to dry and ultraviolet rays are used to dry. A LED lamp is used to cure or dry the gel nail polish and UV rays are also effective for drying. Gel nail polish is becoming more popular these days due to its durability and resistance to chipping. Unlike acrylic, which has a plastic-like appearance, it has a glassy surface.

Gel nail polish, as a newcomer to the nail care industry, is bound to raise concerns about its safety. However, contrary to popular belief, the results of gel nail polish are very similar to those of acrylic nail polish. Gel nail polish lasts longer and requires professional removal at a salon. The only danger with gel nail polish is that it cures by exposing your nails to UV rays. Fortunately, many salons are now switching to LED lights for nail curing.

No, it’s not a good idea to mix regular nail polish with gel nail polish. This is because a gel nail polish and a regular nail polish have fundamentally different compositions. A gel nail polish, as the name implies, is a gel compound that requires UV or LED light to cure. As a result, you will never get the ideal finished look as the regular polish will dry quickly while you have to do special treatment to dry the gel one.

Gel nail polish, if applied by an experienced technician, can last up to one month before chipping. You don’t have to visit the salon frequently resulting in saving both money and time. Gel coating also protects the nails from atmospheric moisture and saves the nails from damage. With a glossy look, you can become the star of every party.

A Gel manicure is slightly expensive than a regular manicure. However, with the benefits and lost-lasting nature, you will end up saving them money in the long run.

Direct exposure to UV light is harmful to the skin. The UV rays are linked with damaging the DNA and exposing your skin to skin cancer. If the salon is using UV rays to dry the gel polish, make sure you are using sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful radiations. If you are not comfortable even with sunscreen, please ask the technician to go with an LED bulb instead of UV rays.

Unlike regular nail polish, which begins to chip after a week, a gel manicure can last up to three weeks without being damaged or chipped. This will help you save money by extending the time between salon visits. However, the brand of gel nail polish you use can make a difference.

Professional assistance is required for the removal of gel nail polish. The best way to remove gel nail polish is in a salon. Because scratching or scraping your nail to remove the gel manicure can harm your nail bed, so avoid doing it on your own. Although it is possible to remove gel nail polish at home, it generally requires extreme caution and attention. As a result, we recommend that you have it removed at a nail spa near you.

For the procedure, you can use a gel remover or pure acetone. Dip a cotton ball in any of the solutions and use it to cover your nails. To speed up the removal process, cover it with aluminum foil and then a cloth. Depending on the brand of gel you use, it could take anywhere from a quarter to an hour. After that, use cuticle oil to moisturize your nail and keep it healthy. Just google gel extensions nails near me and find a spa that can take care of your needs professionally.


Waxing, on the other hand, exposes your hair follicles, making them vulnerable to damage. It’s possible to burn your freshly waxed skin if you expose it to heat. For at least one day after waxing, stay away from hot baths and direct sunlight.

A. Questions regard to the appointment

There are two methods of making your appointment at Nail Club LA

  1. Online – You can follow the link and complete the form to book your appointment


  1. Phone – You can also book an appointment over the phone by calling us at (310) 848-9760. Walk-in clients are entertained as well. However, you might have to wait a little as appointments are a priority.

You can always call or drop an email to cancel the appointment. Kindly make sure you are informing the salon at least 2 hours before the appointment to avoid any confusion

On our appointment page, we have made sections and sub-sections that will allow you to choose multiple services. You can also book separate appointments and explain what type of service is required in the comment section.

Yes. We will refuse to serve walk-in guests who could fill your block if you do not show up or call because we need to keep that block of time specifically for you. So, even if you don’t show up, you will be charged anyway.

Oh yeah, yeah. You can ask your technician if they are available when you are booking an appointment. You can even book the appointment in the time slot that can get you your favorite technician You just want to enter the name of the technical person into the Comments section when you booking an appointment online.

If due to any reason you are running late, we will wait for 15 minutes before jumping to walk-in clients. So, make sure you are wasting your own time to get amazing new looks for the upcoming party.

B. Questions regard to services

Many people are confusing Gels and Shellac. Because Shellac contains gel, so many customers blended their terminology and asked to make a gel manicure when Shellac is what they wanted. A gel manicure is a type of shellac made name. Shellac and Gels are not the same services in the meantime. Just as Acrylics and Gels have different ingredients, methods and results, so too are Shellac and Gels.

1. Shellac is a mixture of polished gel and nail. It cannot be used to extend your nail since it is like a polish. It adds strength and durability because it’s like a gel. Shellac is much less harmful than acrylic clots over the long term.

2. fake nails placed on your natural ones are acrylic. Both of these can be designed to match or extend the nail shape. So you ask for either acrylic or gel extensions if you want longer nails. There are also acrylics and gel to get stronger clots (however, in the long term they weaken your natural nail).

Art never has been fixed. It all depends on what type of art you are looking for. Everyone has a different taste and likes to experiment with their nails differently. So, the cost depends on the technique, material used, and time that is required to get the perfect nails.

There are five common nail shapes:

  1.  Square: The border is direct. This form is strong on the free edge due to its full spectrum. Due to its high corners, this form may cause injury to the skin.
  2. Round: the free edge of the fingertip is round comforting. Usually, male customers choose this form by their natural circular fingertips.
  3. Oval:   Most customers with professional hands usually select this form. The looks are appealing.
  4. Stiletto (pointed): narrow and pointed top of the free edge. This form is suitable for thin hands with narrow nail beds but is weak and easy to break.
  5. Square round: the mixture between the square form and the round form. The front edge of the free rim is directly across, and the corners are completed. This form is strong and suitable for those working with hands. It looks young and is now the most popular form of nail.

You most certainly can. When clients have extensions on, they tend to stop biting. It also depends on how badly they’ve been bitten and damaged. Details will be determined during a consultation. However, don’t expect your acrylics to last as long as they would under normal nail conditions.

Oh, Absolutely. We love to host your parties, bridal showers, and birthday parties for you. If you are looking for privacy, you can book the entire club and all our technicians will be available for your service. You can keep your guests entertained and let them have the best nail care from our technicians. We will make sure the party host is well appreciated and everyone loves your choice of venue and services. You can also get customized packages so you can surprise your friends with the services that they like the most. All you got to do is book the online appointment and let us plan and execute your parties for you. For parties, we usually charge before as there are a lot of arrangements that need to be done.

There could be several reasons for this. Some polish is simply of poor quality and will not last. Additionally, oils on your natural nails will cause the polish to peel, so make sure they are clean and dry before applying the polish. After using the polish remover, always thoroughly rinse your hands. Hand lotion, cuticle creams, and other lotions could also be the source of the problem.

Unfortunately, due to multiple factors, we do not facilitate clients with fungus. Gel manicure or acrylic manicure requires certain techniques that are not suited for people with nail fungus.

  1. Nail Fungus can be spread: Nail fungus can spread through tools, basins, techniques, and similar procedures. We have to be extra careful while dealing with clients with nail fungus as it can expose regular clients at risk. So, to protect others and team members we avoid treating people with nail fungus
  2. Infection: Nail fungus can stir up quickly when disturbed and can lead to infection
  3. Nail polishes will not let the nails heal: with chemicals and layers of coating, it will be impossible for the nails to heal naturally as all the air will be blocked. Fungi can live under the coating and getting rid of will get tougher.

Your nail technician will fill in space near the cuticle between where the natural nail has grown and where the artificial nail or tip is attached every two weeks. Smoothing, re-sanitizing, and re-applying the acrylic where it has naturally grown out are all part of the “fill.” After every 2-3 refills, we recommend getting a new Full-set done. By doing so, you will protect your natural nails while also ensuring that your real nails are in good enough condition for the continued application of acrylic nails and avoiding the development of fungus.

A simple manicure or pedicure will last about a week, but it may last longer depending on your lifestyle. If you work in the garden without gloves, for example, your manicure is unlikely to last long. Acrylics, tips, wraps, and gels, for example, keep their fresh appearance for much longer because they are more durable.

Chrome/metallic nails are charged an additional $20 per nail set for Holographic Chrome and $15 for other Chrome/Matellic nails per nail set. These fees are in addition to other services. For example, if you buy a new set of acrylic nails for $35 and add $20 for holographic chrome nails, the total cost of your service will be $55.

C. Questions regard to our Policies:

To facilitate our customers, debit/credit cards are accepted and cash payment is welcomed as well. Nail Club LA are only here to make your experience better.

As manicure and pedicure are time-taking procedures, bringing your kids will only increase their boredom. Moreover, there are chemicals in the spa that are not suitable for the children. If you don’t have the option of leaving your kids at home or anywhere, you can bring them. You might not get the desired results as you will be distracted all the time and the nail technician might not be able to work efficiently.

Due to the restrictions from the health department, we sadly, cannot allow any pets inside the nail spa.

Yes, gift cards and specials vouchers are throughout the year, especially at festivals. You can get the gift certificates and let your friends have a treat a relaxing and comfortable environment. Your friends can enjoy the best acrylic nail Los Angeles services and all types of gel nail services.