Gel Manicure Aftercare

How To Look After Your Nails Post-Manicure

Manicure is becoming an essential part of the hygienic routine to help you in getting an all-fresh and neat look and feel good about yourself. Normally, a manicure can last between 24 hours and 2 weeks depending on the type of activities you are doing or how are you taking care of your nails. With little care, the time can be extended and manicure can last for a longer time. You need to know the right things to take of your nails and we have compiled some tips to help you get all the good things out of the gel manicure.

Cuticle Oil will be your best friend

Cuticle oil can be really helpful as its components are organic and skin-friendly. It can be made from vegetable oils, different vitamins, and citric acid as well. Cuticle oil gets absorbed in the skin fairly easily due to its thin consistency to help the skin. Cuticle oil plays a key role in helping your nails stay hydrated and organic components keep them nourished as well. Without care, your nails can turn brittle and dry even after a few days of manicure. With proper nourishment, your nails will start to look so much better appearance-wise and proper circulation increases the chances of healthy growth of nails. Cuticle oil helps extend the life of acrylic gel nails and any polish, giving you the refined look always.

For the perfect look, cuticle oil is recommended for daily use and you can easily get it from Nail Club LA for perfect gel nails in Beverly Hills and gel nails in Los Angeles. The use of oil is fairly simple. Just put a few drops directly on the cuticle and massage it around the cuticle. You can use a cotton pad as well and make sure the oil is completely absorbed.

Avoid picking

Whenever we are anxious or thinking about something deeply, we tend to start picking on the polish and sometimes pulling it as well. That subconscious trigger can decrease the life of a manicure significantly and if you are removing it carelessly, natural nails can be damaged as well. So, you need to be careful on that end and never give in to the temptation of picking.

Try not to cut or file your manicure

For the new joiners of acrylic gel nails and shellac manicures, it can be difficult to let go of the habits of filing or cutting the nails. Without any manicure or gel care, it seems like a perfectly good option to take care of your nails but with gel manicures, it’s not the case. You might end up breaking the seal and now the gel manicure is prone to chipping. It needs to stay in perfect form as the gel will take care of the nails themselves and help you look sassy as well. The same thing goes for filing as well. Filing can also damage the seal. However, if the jagged tip or a snag is bugging you so much, make sure you are doing the filing gently and start filing downwards to keep the seal intact. Also, avoid buffing as the textures of the polish can be ruined as well.

Wear gloves for household chores

We understand that you cannot just let off your daily chores like washing or gardening, and if you want to extend the life of the manicure, we recommend using gloves. It’s not entirely essential but it can help in keeping the manicure protected and extend its life as well for nourished and refined nails.

Avoid solvent products

Solvents can be found in your daily use products like makeup remover, insecticides, and some beauty products. Solvents can dissolve manicures. So, if you are using any product that has solvent in it, the manicure will get dissolved and even a 24-hour minimum cap won’t hold up against the manicure dissolving menace.

Don’t use your nails in place of tools

In our daily chores, many things need some attention from nails, like opening a lid or scratching a label off, and simple things like these. Some people might think acrylic gel nails might be suitable for the job but if you want to flaunt your gel nails, you should avoid it. There are specific tools for all things. So, instead of damaging your nails and saving a few seconds, you should use the tools. With little care you can avoid breaking your nails and chipping damage can also be averted. This way you can protect your nails and the life can be increased as well.

Try not to tap directly with your nails

We are all guilty of using phones and laptops a lot these days. All-day every day we are on the devices clicking and tapping to get some work done or chat with friends. Try to use fingertips all the time as repetitive clicking nails will result in chipping off the manicure. For people with longer nails, the constant pressure might hurt a lot as well. So you need to avoid direct tapping and more use of fingertips.

Don’t overuse antibacterial gel

The antibacterial gel has its advantages but one major side effect is that it can turn the skin dry and cuticles too. As it has alcohol in it so the life of manicure reduces significantly. A top coat will start to get dull and all the shine and freshness will fade away so you need to avoid that.

Frequently asked questions about manicures:

What is the difference between classic, gel, and shellac?

The difference is all about the different ways of treatment. In classic manicure, the regular nail polish is used with buffing, shaping, and necessary cuticle care. In-gel manicure, one extra step is applied along with buffing. The next step is the application of gel nail polish that is locked in its place with the aid of a UV lamp. Shellac is somewhat a combination of both classic and gel manicure giving you all-around care and allowing you to carry the fancy look for the events and parties.

How much is a manicure?

Manicure prices vary from treatment to treatment. For the best gel nails in Beverly Hills and gel nails in Los Angeles, you can visit the website of Nail Club LA and choose the plan that is suitable for you and book the appointment right away.

How long does a manicure last?

All the manicure depends on the care that a person is putting in to keep the nails healthy and intact. Usually with normal are, the manicure can last up to 2 weeks but the life can be increased or decreased depending on the care and lifestyle.

How long is the manicure procedure?

The time varies from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the type of treatment and manicure you are getting.


For one step ahead and stepping in the spotlight, we know gel manicure can top us off. With a flawless and stunning finish, we know we can become the center of attraction of any event. Yes, gel manicure costs a lot and we get disappointed when they start to chip off too early and polish starts to fade away too. Let’s go through some tips that can help you get longer out of a manicure.

  1. Cuticle treatment is crucial before getting a manicure as if they are left untreated then the polish will start to come off eventually manicure will start to lift off.
  2. Make sure you have protected your nails and cuticles while doing household chores like washing, gardening, and cleaning. Wearing gloves are recommended as they can provide necessary protection against the chemicals in cleaning agents and prevent the manicure from getting tapered off easily.
  3. Using hot water is not recommended. Minimize the contact with hot water as much as you can. Hot water finds its way inside the nails making the polish peel off easily.
  4. Make sure to avoid lifting things with your nails. Use specific tools for the jobs like these and protect your nails as much as you can. Using nails to pick things up will make them weak.
  5. As your nails grow, they tend to lose shape and ragged edges are vulnerable to peel off easily. So, you can file them carefully in the downward direction and retain the round shape. You can add the coating layer to make them look fresh.
  6. Apply cuticle oil every single day to nourish your nails.
  7. Protect your nails from solvents as much as possible.

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