For a consumer, what is the most important thing while buying or getting anything? The knowledge regarding the things that you are buying will help you in making a safe decision and in the end loving the product. The same goes for pedicures and manicures and all the treatments that you can get in a salon. Although the technicians or salon workers know about a thing or two it is not wise to rely on their decisions and end up getting something that you don’t want. In this article, we will cover in detail the techniques of manicure and pedicure and will list some of the differences as well.

Nail plates and cuticles define what kind of nail extension you can get. Acrylic nails will suit you more or you are a gel nails person. Manicure aims to keep the nail plate is clean and fresh shape so the procedures can reflect a more refined look. I am not saying you need to go full blazing mode to study the nail plate and how to take care of it. However, just a few tips and tricks can help you in guiding the technician regarding the final look. By noticing small details, you can tell yourself whether your nails are healthy or the treatment is doing its toll on natural nails.

Manicures-Pedicures and Nail Structure

To dig a little deeper, we have decided the nails into six parts. The first one is the root. Then come the nail bed, nail plate, eponychium, perionychium, and hyponychium respectively. If any part of the nail is damaged or not cleaned properly, the final shape of the nail can go sideways and all the time and effort will result in zero output. Beauty Lounge and nearest nail salon take special care while treating the parts.

Nail Root: Going full medical mode, the root is also known as the germinal matrix. Near the edges you can notice white crescent, these are labeled as lunula. The roots lie under the nails and in the skin and they are extended just a few millimeters. The roots are responsible for the production of nails and beds.

Nail Bed: Moving onto a nail bed also known as the sterile matrix. The nail bed is extended from lunula to hyponychium. Melanin is produced in the nail as there are blood vessels and nerves in the sterile matrix. As the root grows gradually, nail material starts to add up underneath the nail and the surface starts to get thicker. The proper growth of the nail results in a smoother bed but if the growth is not proper, the abnormal nail may protrude from the sides. The edges and ridges might disturb the attractiveness of the nail.

Nail Plate: The nail plate is the fingernail part that is solely made from keratin. The blood vessels are responsible for the pinkish look of the nail. There are grooves beneath the nail plate that helps in anchoring the nail in the nail bed.

Eponychium: Cuticle or Eponychium are situated between the skins of the finger and nail plate. Cuticles are responsible for waterproof barriers with fusing abilities.

Perionychium: Theperioncyhium is the skin that covers the sides of the nail plate, otherwise called the paronychia edge. The perionychium is the site of hangnails, ingrown nails, and paronychia, a skin contamination


The hyponychium is the zone between the nail plate and the fingertip. It is the intersection between the free edge of the nail and the skin of the fingertip. It also provides a waterproof barrier.

These are some details that you don’t remember but if you are interested, you can increase your knowledge as there are numerous articles on the internet. However, the technicians of and qualified nail salon near you must know about these things. Nail Club LA, is one the best nail polish bar and a nearby nail salon with expert technicians so you can get the absolute best nail care.

Your nails can reveal to you considerably more than whether you need a nail trim. They’re loaded with insights regarding your wellbeing. They can show on the off chance that you have a contamination, a genuine illness, or even how well you’re eating. To sort out what your nails may need to say, answer these inquiries

Do they look pale or white?

This could mean you have a low RBCs check. White nails additionally can flag liver illness, diabetes, an overactive thyroid, cardiovascular breakdown, or an absence of supplements in your eating routine.

On the off chance that your nails are generally white with a tight pink band at the tip, you have a condition called Terry’s nails. It can come about because of maturing, yet it can likewise proclaim diabetes or kidney, liver, or coronary illness.

Are they yellow?

Nails that are thick, moderate developing and yellow frequently highlight lung infections like emphysema or ongoing bronchitis. The liquid in your lungs and hands likewise can prompt yellow nail condition. So can Raynaud’s phenomenon, which is caused by lack of blood circulation to the fingers, toes, and nose. Yellow nails can even indicate signs of sinusitis, thyroid issues, and rheumatoid joint inflammation.

Are your nail beds red?

You need to get yourself checked as your doctor might want to do a test or two to get to the conclusion.

Do you see thin red or brown lines?

They’re called splinter hemorrhages. They ordinarily come from injury to your nails or a contagious disease. They can likewise be from psoriasis, melanoma, or even a health setback in the heart lining.

Are there lines that go from side to side?

These are called Beau’s lines. At times they join a serious sickness or injury. Or on the other hand, they may appear after. They’re additionally connected with Raynaud’s marvel. Frequently, they’re an indication of stress.

Are your nails spoon-shaped?

Your nails get meager and plunge down in the center, here and there with raised edges. It tends to be an indication of coronary illness, injury, lupus, low thyroid, or an issue with iron — either excessively little or to an extreme.

When you manicure your nails it is important to know a few things first.

What type of services does the client want and is the area to be manicured healthy and safe for you to work.

Before hopping into the process you need to examine the skin and nail carefully. If there is any tear in the skin or nail part is protruding out, it may not be wise to start the manicure as you can get hurt. Always ensure proper consultation and try to follow the correct steps to the smooth and glossy finish

As a technician, it is your responsibility to inquire from the customers what type of treatment they want. A simple nail buff is rather easy to do. However, treating the cuticles can be tricky. Cutting off the skin part can cause bleeding and if your client is not aware of the chances, they might never come back. So, always inform them and have a first aid kit right by your side. You need to adopt safety protocols as well to keep both parties safe.

 “What is sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing?

There are three levels of decontamination that we need to know about.

The first or lowest level is labeled as sanitization. In sanitization, disease-causing bacteria and germs are reduced to cause and damage to the health and keeping everything tidy. The second level is disinfection that takes one step ahead by destroying the germs and pathogens that are lining on the skin and surface. Third and the last one is sterilization that completely destroys are organisms or germs from any surface making the surface free from germs and pathogens.

The majority of the nail salons in Beverly Hills and nail salons in Los Angeles will meet the standards of disinfection and keep their tools germ-free. Just to clarify only those products can be used for disinfection that are approved by EPA and the term “disinfectant” is clearly marked. The regular standards require the disinfecting routine to be carried out for at least 10 mins to ensure all bacteria are killed and tools are safe to use.

Manicure & Pedicure Procedure and Supplies Needed

To get on with manicure and pedicure procedures at home, you need to grab few supplies so the procedure is not disturbed in the middle.

  • File
  • Cuticle oil
  • Moisturizing cream
  • Nail Polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Orangewood
  • Buffing block

7 Step Procedures for Manicures & Pedicures

Step 1 – Start with a Clean Nail

The first and foremost step is the cleaning of the nail. Don’t let any nail polish from previous treatment and clean the nail thoroughly using nail polish remover. Make sure to use a non-acetone one as it’s gentle on the skin and polish will come right off. You can choose anyone as long as you are buying any non-authentic product.

Step 2 – Shaping the Nails

After cleaning completely, use the filer to shape the nail. You can shape your nails in any shape as long as it is not disturbing your daily routine. To explain it further, getting a pointed nail may be unwise for a person who has to work a lot. The nails will be damaged almost instantly so pointy ends are not the option. Blunt end and rounded corners might work well as chances of nails getting damaged will be minimal. The shape itself is stronger and you don’t have to file for long which gives extra strength to the nails. The technique for filing is to always go from outer corners to inner corners and not the other way around. This will stop the nails from tearing and getting damaged. Once the desired shape is achieved check for unity in the nails and make sure all the nails are equal. This will give the proper manicure look done by some professionals. Just for this purpose, a nail salon in Santa Monica and nail salons in Westside focused on hiring professionals that can change the dull look of your nails into a shiny and classy one

Step 3 – Cuticle Care Technique

Cuticle care technique is a must inclusion in any manicure done by professionals. You can use soap or cuticle solvent for this specific technique. You need to search for any nail salon near me or a nail bar near me and grab the solvent from them. Going first with fingers, all you got to do is soak them in soapy warm water. You can also use cuticle solvent and bath the finger for 3 to 4 minutes. Using a cuticle pusher, gently push the cuticles back after removing them from water and you are all set. You need to use the pusher extra carefully as these tissues are sensitive and pushing it beyond the limit can destroy the manicure completely. You need to use this solvent very carefully as exposing the skin for too long can damage the skin. You can pick off the excess skin once the cuticle is pushed behind and you can trim the loose skin as well. Attached skin can have tissues and when cut can cause pain and even bleeding. So, make sure only loose skin is torn.

Step 4 – Nail Health | Oil & Buff

Oil and Buff is an essential part to reenergize the health of your nails. With the help of buffer, push the little quantity of oil into the nails. The nail plate will be revitalized and the final look of the polish will be more smooth and classy. Excess of anything is bad so never overdo the oil or buff. This can result in weakening of the skin and you might notice white spots on the nail plate and self-manicure can turn into a horror show. To get the artist’s nails, you need to follow the procedure to pinpoint accuracy. If the nail plate is in good condition, you can choose gel x or acrylic gel nails. The same goes for the removing procedure. You can easily remove gel nails and easily remove acrylic nails, if your nail plate is smooth and in good condition.

Step 5 – Exfoliating Correctly

Exfoliation can be done easily using a foot filer or any scrub. If you don’t have any scrub, you can make that too at home. All you got to do is choose any oil, almond or olive, and add a tiny amount of sea salt. Use the homemade scrub to rub your feet and hands. Once the scrub is applied and the process is completed, use a hot towel to get off the scrub and rinse afterward. If you are going with the filing technique, you need to soak the feet in the water and the callus will get softer, and much better results can be achieved. Filing a single for 30 seconds is more than enough. So, make sure you are not overdoing anything. Sore feet can cause more disturbance than a hard callus. You don’t need to force your way with callus and should not take care of it if it’s not coming off. Sometimes, professional help becomes a necessity. Visiting an acrylic nail salon in Los Angeles or any nail salon near you is a wise choice than removing hard callus yourself.

Step 6 – The Foot Massage for Pedicures

Massage is the most satisfying part of manicure and pedicure. Between gel manicure vs. acrylic manicure or pedicure, one thing is loved the most and that is massage. Even if you are not going to polish the nail bar and doing it yourself, it doesn’t mean you can skip this step. Get yourself a good hand or foot cream and massage your hand and feet gently. Two advantages of massage are relaxing feeling and skin will get healthier with moisturizing. You can look up the best nail salon in Los Angeles and look up their nail salon menu and choose the massage and let the professional handle and you can just enjoy.

Step 7 – Final manicure & Pedicure Clean and Polish

You are finally at the step of putting on the nail polish but you need to stop clean the hands and feet first. With the oils and water coming from lotion and rinsing, there is a potential chance of a barrier between nails and polish. This will never allow the nail polish to last long and all of your hard work will go to waste just by missing one step.

    • The first and obvious step will be to remove the oil or water using a wipe from every nail. You can use nail prep remover or rubbing alcohol. Anything is fine, it all depends on availability. Once you are done removing the oil, it means that you are ready for the final step and that is to apply nail polish. For the nail polish to last longer make sure you are allowing it to settle for a good 30 to 40 minutes. Yes, the wait can be tiring, but if you are going through all the trouble, you might wait for a little extra for great results.
    • Find a flat surface to lay your hands on it. Make sure the surface is not bumpy. First, apply the base polish that is transparent and will set the base for color coating. The base coat also acts as a barrier and keeps the nail polish free from stains. This way the nail looks clean and healthy even after the polish is removed.
    • A creative nail design sticky base is the way to go if you are doing the nails at home. This tape-like base enhances the ability of color to hold for longer and the drying-up process gets the push as well.
    • The next step is the critical one and that is the application of the color. Apply the color in a small amount so the cuticles and sides are not flooded with colors. Even if you are putting the brush down to apply the color, do it in the center and not near the cuticles. You may not get the whole nail in the first coat but don’t worry you can cover the area in the second one.
    • After successful application of color, use the topcoat. This will help the color to shine way better and the color lasts longer. Just like color, use a small amount of top coating and follow a similar brush routine. If there is any excess quantity of topcoat, use the flat end of the toothpick and get rid of the extra stuff.

Since you have your at-home nail treatment or pedicure it’s an ideal opportunity to dry! Fingers will require around 30-40 minutes and toes need at any rate an hour prior to socks and shoes! On the off chance that you have some fingernail skin oil, you can put a limited quantity on each nail around 5 minutes after the last coat and this will assist the drying time, appears to be odd I know but it gets the job done.

By following all the steps, you can have a professional manicure and pedicure right in your home. It will require some investment yet it can save you a lot of cash and in the event that you put resources into great items. You need to back yourself and put the trust and you will get the amazing final product.

If you are looking for the help of professionals Nail Club, LA has qualified and trained staff and will take care of all your needs professionally and give your nails an amazing and revamped look. If you are in LA, search for the nearest nail salon or best nail salon bar near me, you will be redirected to Nail Club LA, and trust me you won’t regret it.