Nail Club LA | 3 Ways To Remove Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nails Manicure or Gelish, Gellux, Shellac

Gel Nails Manicure or Gelish, Gellux, Shellac

Manicures are not for everyone and everyone can’t pull off a perfect manicure that can last for a while. Manicures, no matter how carefully you have done, always seem to chip off after a few days. If you are not careful, you can lose the flawless look within hours as well. If you are fed up with usual manicures, enter the realm of gel manicures that are treated with UV light making your nails shine and turning your nails into stronger ones. After UV treatment, you don’t need to even wait for the drying time. Getting your nails chipped after a few hours is an awful feeling and you can only extend the life if you are careful. With gel manicures, you can say goodbye to the fear of chipped nails and enjoy the flawless finish for weeks.

With gel manicures, you have 2 famous options; Shellac and gel. For the pristine and classic finish, both can be used and you can stand out in any crowd whether it’s a holiday or wedding season. You can always get the pampered treatment for routine life as well because why not, self-love and care are important for an active life. You can get the proper treatment from nail salon Beverly Hills, nail salon Los Angeles, or any other salon in your area.

What to expect?

If you are looking for a nail treatment or gel manicure, just search nail salons near me and book yourself an appointment. You will get in a comfortable chair and professionals will take care of your nails from removing the leftover residue to getting you a flawless finish. The major difference between shellac and gel manicures is the products used in the treatment. With gel manicure, you can choose whatever color than you like just like ordinary nail polish, and had it done for the party look. Nail Club LA has all kinds of shades and colors so you can fancy a new look every time. On the other hand, Shellac is a well-crafted combination of nail polish and gel, and of course, you don’t have to follow a gel manicure routine like filing or sculpting to apply shellac. Color range with shellac might not be as versatile as gel manicure but you can flaunt a classy all the time. Plus you don’t have to wait for drying or get extra careful to avoid smudges. It’s annoyingly easy to change the look and stay awesome

Nail technicians at nail salons in Santa Monica and nail salons in LOS ANGELES will always start with shaping up the nails. Pushing back the cuticles, filing, and cleaning them carefully are included in the list. The secret behind long-lasting manicure and pedicure is the layers of base coat and either gel or shellac. The top layer at the last sets everything perfectly in shape. Once all layers are set, the new look is hardened under UV light and after that, you are all set. Once you are done with UV drying, you don’t have to worry about smudging or chip damage of fresh nail paint. The pristine finish can last for days and even weeks if you are not doing vigorous physical stuff that involves nails. The decay time of 2 weeks and more is only due to the growth of cuticles. If it was up to nail polish only, the time can be extended to more weeks.

Removing gel and shellac manicures is fairly easy and you can get it done at home as well. All you need is acetone with tin foil wraps and cotton balls to soak the extra acetone. However, returning to the same salon is recommended for professional clean-up.

With a lasting time of more than 2 weeks, you get the worth out of every penny. To think of it, you can enjoy more benefits with gel manicures as compared to regular ones because of no cracks, chips, and wearing off. So, why not choose something that can give you an aesthetic look and you can save time and money at the same time.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Gel Manicure?

Gel manicure works perfectly on both regular nails and extensions as well. So no matter what kinds of nails you have, you can always slay any event with a gel manicure. You can get a confident and stronger look and always shine in the crowd. The lasting time of a minimum of 2 weeks saves your precious time and you can attend multiple back-to-back events with glamorous nails.

How Long Do Gel Manicures Last?

Usually, the gel manicure lasts for about two to three weeks. However, your routine plays a key factor as well. If you are doing house chores like washing, laundry, or gardening and use your nails a lot, then the shiny look can fade away relatively quickly. On contrary, if you are careful even with the routine stuff and use gloves to protect your nails, you can easily enjoy three weeks of utter bliss and magical power with your glossy nails

How Much Do Gel Manicures Cost?

Pricing cannot be generalized for a gel manicure. Gel nails in LOS ANGELES can cost you from $5 to 20$ depending on the salon and how skilled their technicians are. If a new salon is trying to make a name in the industry, they might offer you discounts and reduced prices. While the popular nail salons will know what they are doing and might charge you a little extra for their experience and customer care. However, Nail Club LA fits perfectly in the budget of everyone. With soothingly calm salon experience and well-trained staff, you’ll find prices reasonable as compared to most of the salons in LA.

How Do You Remove a Gel Manicure?

If you are feeling like you should get rid of the gel polish, you need to be careful to not pick it off randomly. You can either hurt yourself in the process or end up damaging the nail bed. You need to visit a salon or properly follow the steps to remove the gel polish at home as your little DIY project. Here are a few steps if you want to do it yourself at home

  • File the top layer slightly to loosen it up
  • Carefully cut the pieces of tin foil that can wrap your fingernails perfectly.
  • Soak the cotton balls in acetone and place them on your nails
  • Now cover the cotton balls with tin foil and let them sit for at least 15 minutes.
  • The acetone will do its magic and foil will start to come off. You don’t need to do any filing or scraping.
  • You can use a cuticle stick to lift off the residual gel polish.
  • Buff your nails at the end to enjoy a clean look

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